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First Carpet Museum opened in Armenia
November 27 , 2017 , 15:22
First Carpet Museum opened  in Armenia

The first carpet museum will open in Yerevan after the completion of the final works in March 2014. Megerian Carpet Company took up the mission to popularize and present the Armenian carpets in a single museum among the local and international communities. The Production and Commercial Director of the Company Leonid Andreasyan told the Armenpress correspondent that the museum will have an area of 230 square meters. “The museum will present Armenian ancient carpets having a history of about 200 years, as well as exclusive samples from the personal collection of the Megerian Family”, - said Andreasyan. He informed that the exhibition of the museum will be regularly refreshed, replenished and replaced by new items. About 50 samples of the exhibited carpets will be brought to Yerevan from New York.


The Megerian Family has been involved in selling, restoration, and production of fine oriental rugs for over four generations. Originally from Armenia, the Megerians established their rug trade business in the United States in 1917, and quickly developed an expertise in rug repairing and restoration. Over time, they began to realize the growing demand for different trends and subtle design changes, and took their well honed skills to the loom to create their own decorative rugs.


Megerian Oriental Rug family specializes in new and antique Oriental rug sales and production. The Megerian Brother's tradition and integrity in the fine craft of handmade rug making, and restoration of rugs and tapestries is world renown. The Megerian Oriental Rug family has been the benchmark producer of New York City's handmade rugs and tapestries.


Initially, their enterprise in America focused on selling new and antique rugs. However, the opportunity to apply their extensive skills presented itself often, and the Megerians quickly gained a reputation here in America as artisans accomplished in antique repair. More and more, the Megerians found themselves applying their thorough understanding of wool characteristics, natural dyes and Old World knotting techniques to their customers' existing antique Persians, Aubussons, Savonneries and Oriental rugs.


As time passed, the Megerians expanded their business to meet the growing demand for fine rugs by buying antique rugs in need of repair and selling them completely restored. Often, though, customers would express their wishes for subtle design changes. Building on their tradition of excellence, the Megerians took their knowledge and well-honed skills to the loom and began creating their own rugs. Very soon, they were meeting their customers' needs by delicately modifying the original, antique designs in their own reproductions of superb quality.


The Megerians continue to apply their unparalleled skill in the creation of rugs and tapestries of uncompromising artistry and workmanship. Each signed piece represents a rare combination of Old World craftsmanship and the design aesthetics of today's most discerning clientele, and every Megerian design is copyrighted to ensure its individuality. Each work is a product of the integrity of the Megerian touch, from the discriminating selection of original materials and dyes, to the painstaking attention to knotting technique, to the completely thorough final inspection in the antique making. Of course, the Megerians also continue to trade in the world's finest antique rugs and tapestries, drawing inspiration for their own designs from the classic beauty of the originals.