Armenian rugs society
Our site is dedicated to the identification, preservation and dissemination of knowledge of Armenian rugs and textiles.
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Anyone sharing an interest in the Armenian traditional woven arts is cordially invited to join Armenian Rugs Socity.

Membership to the Armenian Rugs Society is in effect for the calendar year. At the end of each year, we will email a renewal notice so that members can send us their dues for the next year. 

For an individual yearly membership is $ 50.00.

For a family (two adults at the same address), $ 75.00

Corporate, $ 150.00.

Upon receipt of your dues, we will email you an acknowledgment letter; your cancelled check will also serve as your receipt. 

Ultimately, our objective is to distribute the newsletter and other communications via e-mail. For that to be practical, we must have a functioning e-mail address.