Starting now, membership in the Armenian Rugs Society will be in effect for the calendar year. At the end of each year, we will mail out renewal notices so that members can send us their dues for the following year. We will begin the cycle with a membership drive.

Yearly memberships will cost $50.00 for an individual, $75.00 for a family (two adults at the same address), and $150.00 for a corporate or donor membership. Upon receipt of your dues, we will send you a membership card for the current year; your cancelled check will serve as your receipt. Members who join during the latter part of the year will have their membership extended through the end of the following year.

Ultimately, we would like to distribute the newsletter and other communications via e-mail whenever possible. For that to be practical, we must have a functioning e-mail address for all of you, and we will request that information during our upcoming membership drive.

In future, we anticipate reprinting some articles from the early days of the ARS, and we hope to publish translations of writings from Armenia as appropriate. We are, of course, continuing our financial aid to several museums in Armenia, and we have grand hopes for conferences and perhaps even exhibitions on the scale of the 2002 PASSAGES exhibition in San Francisco. We will have more information on the status of these various projects in upcoming newsletters. We also have several interesting meetings in the planning stages, some (as we have done in the past) to be held jointly with the San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society.

As you can see, we have a number of things in the works, and we need everyone to renew so that all these activities become feasible. We will be contacting you in the near future with information on our upcoming membership drive, and we will expect to hear from you soon.

Anyone sharing an interest in the identification, preservation and dissemination of knowledge regarding hand woven oriental rugs, carpets and kilims, bearing inscriptions woven in the Armenian alphabet, is cordially invited to join our membership.